A passion for all things creative

Although I’ve been exploring and delighting in the work of other bloggers for many years, creating a blog of my own is an entirely new experience. Exciting, but also a bit intimidating—Am I doing it right? Am I disciplined enough to post as often as I should? Why should anyone out there give a damn about what I have to say anyway? Yikes.

The bottom line, I suppose, is that sharing my passion for all things creative outweighs my blogging failure fears. And I’m thinking that maybe if I put my love of creating out there—whether through my needlework, fabric arts, fine arts or creative writing—I’ll forge a connection with like-minded compadres.


Soon after developing my crochet addiction, I discovered the fun of crocheting baby things. There are so many adorable patterns to be found in books and on the Web, I would have to live on Venus (where one day equals 243 Earth days) to make them all. (Imagine having a day that long to devote to crafting?! Weekends on Venus—whoo hoo. Workweeks—not so much.) Anyway, the book Oh Baby! Crochet by Glenda Chamberlain, features a baby dress that just made my heart melt. I had no choice but to make it. So now I’m wishing I had a baby girl shower to go to!

(You’ll notice Mouse in the background of the second picture, trying to steal Miss Teddy’s spotlight.)

baby_dress purple1_sept5baby_dress purple2_sept5

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