Another summer’s end. Sigh.

With September upon us already, I can smell that fresh hint in the air of all the cool days soon to come. I’m a summer girl through and through. The changing seasons don’t interest me at all…I want my summer back!

With that said, here’s a poem that takes me back to childhood summers of an era long ago.

The Ice Cream Truck

It was such a long, long time ago,

When summers crept by long and slow,

Breakfast done, outdoors we’d play,

Till street lamps signaled end of day.

Building forts from lumber scraps,

With trash-bin treasures filling gaps.

Sprawled supine upon the grass,

Watching Heaven’s candy floss drift past.

Flushed with the joy of heavy play,

Anticipating that time of day,

When abandoning our mud-pie muck,

We’d flee to greet the ice cream truck.

Distant bells upon the breeze

Meant tearing home for nickels, please!

A jostling line aside the road,

Awaiting the truck and its cool, sweet load.

It wasn’t just the treats inside

That stoked our grins and pie-plate eyes,

It was a sensory amalgamation

That fed our mood of pure elation.

Organ tunes so sweet and merry,

Twinkling lights in pink and cherry,

A plastic ice cream sundae stood

In lifelike splendor on the hood.

Gold letters glittering in the sun,

Spelled “Yum! Good Eats For Everyone!”

And the jolly laughter on the breeze

Of driver, Gus, who loved to tease.

One by one we’d pay our dimes,

And up into the truck we’d climb.

Rooting through the freezer bin,

As Gus wisecracked and beamed his grin.

Clutching treasures cold and sweet,

Then back into the summer heat.

With a chuckle and a friendly wave,

Gus beeped the horn and rolled away.

Before he’d disappeared from sight,

We’d peeled, unwrapped and savoured bites,

Sticky hands and chocolate faces,

Returned to forts and far-off places.

How I miss those ice cream days.


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