What Are You Waiting For?

This resonated with me in a big way. It’s what we all know but seem to keep forgetting to do.


My hospice patient died today. I only met him once but I can still feel his firm grasp on my hand and the way he pulled me close and looked into my eyes and told me to take care of myself as I was leaving. We had a moment. A pause in time to stand there acknowledging and looking at each other. A moment to say I see you and you are important to me. I never expected that last Tuesday would be the first and last time we would ever meet. I remember him waiting for his daughter. That is what we do in life…we wait. We wait to grow up. We wait to graduate and go to college. We wait to get the perfect job and meet the person we are meant to spend our lives with. We wait to have kids and then we wait for them…

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  1. June 16, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    Whoa – really close to home for me right now (gulp) 😓


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