Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 64)

Otis, along with a very cute lineup of fellow kitties, is featured at Katzenworld.co.uk today for Tummy Rub Tuesday!


Hello everyone,

Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, why not sign up by clicking here to never miss a TRT again. 😀

The easiest way to join TRT is by sending us photos to info@katzenworld.co.uk.

Please find below the photos for this week:

Misha sunny window 3

Misha is back from Why Cats Rule the World to show off her cuddly tummy!


Our very own Angel is back for another round of tummy rubs. 😀

Otis_in dreamland

And to stick with the fluffy theme here is Otis from Create-A-Holic Writer.

Someone needs a tummy rub! 😀 More on Curious Red Panda.


A round of awwwwwwws is certainly needed for this cute entry from lucindalines


Coco is back for another round of rubs. 😀

Today is most certainly a tummy rub tuesday of fluffiness! More of Miko on Ms Mouse Cleans House

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Crocheted Jingle Bells Tablet Clutch

Yes, I know that summer’s barely over and here I am talking about jingle bells! But I felt like working on something quick and easy and I thought I’d make something fun to use during the here-before-you-know-it Christmas season.

bag_clutch jingle bells1I just used a basic ripple pattern, alternating red and white yarn. Instead of using buttons, I sewed on little jingle bells and made crocheted loops to fasten over them.

Très festive, oui?

Here’s the pattern I used, along with a 5.5 mm hook, one ball each of red worsted weight and white worsted weight yarns.

Using red yarn, chain 28 (or whatever the width of your tablet)

Row 1: 2 single crochet (sc) in second chain from hook; *sc in each of the next 7 chains (ch); skip 1 ch; sc in each of the next 7 ch; 3 sc in next ch; repeat from * across to the end. In the last ch, work 2 sc.

Row 2: Ch 1; 2 sc in first st; *sc in each of next 7 sts; skip 2 sc; sc in each of next 7 sts; 3 sc in next st; repeat from * across to the end. In the last st, work 2 sc.

Repeat Row 2, changing colours after every 3 rows.

bag_clutch jingle bells2Once you have a block that’s large enough to fold and contain your tablet, sc right around all edges to finish it neatly. Then fold it into a clutch shape, and on wrong side, stitch together side seams. Sew 3 little jingle bells in place as shown in photo, then use sc to make 3 loops (see photo for placement) for fastening over bells.

I’m never certain that my instructions are clear enough, so as back up, here’s a great free pattern for a crochet clutch in the same ripple pattern at a wonderful crochet site called Fiber Flux; here’s the link: http://www.fiberfluxblog.com/2014/01/free-crochet-patterngraphic-chevron.html

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