Getting crafty with eggshells

I have been totally negligent with my blog posts. Time flies by far too quickly for my liking.

My daughter and I are leaving next Sunday for a week of sun and fun in Cabo San Lucas, so I thought I’d get a post up before I leave. Since my last post, I’ve dabbled in a variety of different creative projects, and I’d like to share one of them with you today.

The next time you make an omelette, don’t just crack those eggshells in two—blow them out instead and try making Egghead People to decorate your fireplace mantel this winter.egghead3

(Here’s an easy step-by-step on how to blow out the contents without damaging the shell:

First, I painted the eggshells a skin-tone shade. After allowing them to dry, I used a pencil to do a rough facial features sketch for placement. Then I painted in the details, using acrylic paints and a thin brush. After allowing them to dry overnight, I then coated them with a clear preservative.egghead1

We all know how easy it is to crack an egg, so keep this in mind while you’re working with your shells. I had just finished the second egghead when it slipped from my (butter)fingers to land on my desk, breaking a chunk from the top of the skull. Fortunately, the entire thing wasn’t smashed, and I was able to cover up the missing chunk with the hat. 🙂 Because I am SO clumsy (patience is NOT one of my virtues), my fingers should never touch anything so delicate. But what the heck—I’m having fun, so I’ll take my chances.

I bought some plain white plastic eggcups from the Buck store for them to sit in (nice and safe away from my hands!)egghead2

Next, I made Barbie doll-sized hats and scarves for them. I used colourful cotton yarn and just crocheted a few rounds with increases for the hat. For the scarf, I made a chain long enough to wrap around the eggcup, then single-crocheted rows until it was the width I wanted. I finished the ends with some fringe. If you don’t knit or crochet, you could also use pieces of felt or fleece to make cute hats and scarves.

And that’s it. Aren’t they… interesting?egghead4

I plan to experiment with future eggheads—making different styles of hats, experimenting with yarn hairstyles, painting the egg cups instead of just leaving them plain, and perhaps even making some animal eggheads.

Too many ideas, never enough time!



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