You’ve GOT to read “What Really Happened in Wuhan”

I urge every person on the planet who has had their life turned upside down over the past two years to read this new book by award-winning investigative journalist, Sharri Markson. 

The storytelling is captivating as Ms. Markson lays bare the down and dirty facts in an extremely well-researched exposé that presents the full extent of the cover-ups and sheer incompetence on so many levels that served to wreak irreversible havoc on our world and all of our lives.

The Covid 19 pandemic was no accident. 

The Chinese communist party, and their ruling president, is no less wicked than Hitler and his Nazi party was—in this day and age of advanced technology, they are far more dangerous than any of us can begin to realize. 

And our top-level government officials who we trust to make the crucial decisions that impact our lives have failed us miserably in so many ways.

If you have ever wondered what the truth is behind the hell that you and the rest of the world have endured since this pandemic exploded into our lives, read this book

It is the duty of every one of us to be better educated about the life-altering decisions that are made for us by powerful people who are far more concerned about protecting their egos and their retention of power than the interests of the human beings dependent on them.

You can borrow the book at your public library or purchase it online. I listened to the audio book, read by the author, and very much enjoyed listening to it as I went for long walks.

Below is the publisher’s description:

The origins of Covid-19 are shrouded in mystery. Scientists and government officials insisted, for a year and a half, that the virus had a natural origin, ridiculing anyone who dared contradict this view. Tech giants swept the internet, censoring and silencing debate in the most extreme fashion. Yet it is undeniable that a secretive facility in Wuhan was immersed in genetically manipulating bat-coronaviruses in perilous experiments. And as soon as the news of an outbreak in Wuhan leaked, the Chinese military took control and gagged all laboratory insiders. 

Part-thriller, part-expose, What Really Happened in Wuhan is a ground-breaking investigation from leading journalist Sharri Markson into the origins of Covid-19, the cover-ups, the conspiracies and the classified research. It features never-before-seen primary documents exposing China’s concealment of the virus, fresh interviews with whistleblower doctors in Wuhan and crucial eyewitness accounts that dismantle what we thought we knew about when the outbreak hit.

With unprecedented access to Washington insiders, Markson takes you inside the White House, with senior Trump lieutenants revealing first-hand accounts of fiery Oval Office clashes and new stories of compromised government advisors and censored scientists.

Bravely reported and chillingly laid out, Markson brings to light the stories of the pandemic from the people on the ground: the scientists and national security officials who raised uncomfortable truths and were labelled conspiracy theorists, until government agencies began to suspect they might have been right all along. These brave individuals persisted through bruising battles and played a crucial role in investigating the origins of Covid-19 to finally, in this book, bring us closer to the truth of what really happened in Wuhan.

Award-winning journalist, Sharri Markson is the Investigations Editor at The Australian and host of prime-time show Sharri on Sky News Australia.


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