Painting on Rocks: Whimsical Owls

Painting on rocks has become one of my favourite crafty pursuits. It’s challenging (and fun!) to transform a plain stone into a decorative keepsake. It’s also one of the most relaxing ways to spend an afternoon.

I went for a walk along Oakville’s Lake Ontario shoreline, where I gathered a treasure trove of smooth rocks in a variety of shapes and sizes. Once back home, I just used soap and water to wash all of the rocks.

After choosing four shapes that suited my project, I roughly penciled a different owl design on each one.

Next, I chose a different colour combination of acrylic paints for each owl. Working on only one owl per day, I painted a couple of coats of the base colours and allowed them to dry overnight. 

Once the base painting was complete, I used a black ultra fineline marker to carefully outline each of the painted areas. After allowing the marker lines to dry, I used a combination of both fineline marker and acrylic paint (with the finest size of paintbrush) to add intricate designs in each section. You need an extremely steady hand and a ton of patience to get it right!

Once I was satisfied with my finished owls, I sprayed them with Krylon Kamar Varnish, a clear, protective sealant. Next, I used black acrylic to paint a plain, leafless tree on an 8.5” x 11” white canvas board. Once that was dry, I used a heavy-duty glue (LePage Carpenter’s Glue) to affix each rock to a branch on the board.

Then, I sanded a light-coloured wood frame that I had in my stash, painted it black, and sprayed it with a protective sealant (Armor Coat Clear Finish Acrylic Spray Paint).

All done!

Here are both of my completed sets. Stay tuned for my next rock project.


A fall colour celebration

I wanted to capture Mother Nature’s glorious fall colours in a simple acrylic painting. To add some extra texture, I incorporated a side border of real dried leaves, then sprayed them with a gloss acrylic sealant.

“October gave a party … and the leaves came by the hundreds.”

Lions rock!

Here’s my latest rock painting of one of my favourite majestic creatures.

Painted in different shades of brown and cream acrylic — it’s the same process as my ladybugs… rough pencil sketch of the lion’s face on the rock, then paint in the colours.

Speaking of ladybugs… I painted a few big ones for my mother’s garden. You can see them below with their tinier friends.

What the world needs now is love tweet love…

Has there ever been a time in history when our world hasn’t needed more of this?

acrylic on canvas_love tweet love copy

My painting is acrylic on canvas—some spring birdies and blossoms—both of which I’m yearning to see again someday. (Here I go again. Stuff a sock in my mouth. I can’t stop bitching about the cold weather. You’d think I lived in the Antarctic. Look for me in the dictionary under Broken Record.)

acrylic on ceramic_love birds copyHere are more birdies and blossoms, this time painted on a plain ceramic tile.

Here’s to a world where good will always triumph over evil, where love will always rise up to eradicate hatred, and where all militant evildoers will fade away to become a vague memory in our past.



“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

“If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang.” ~Charley Reese

You are my sunshine

When my girl was a baby I used to sing songs to her all the time. One of our favourites was “You Are My Sunshine.”

With so much grey above us of late, I’ve been yearning for a good blaze of warm sunshine. Since the Man Upstairs hasn’t been listening to my prayers (I guess He has his hands full these days with terrorists and others in this world who were raised with no regard for proper etiquette :), I decided I should just create my own sunshine.

Since I enjoy painting on 4.25” plain ceramic tiles, I purchased a big carton of them at Home Depot to keep on hand for whenever I get the itch to paint.

Instead of painting one tiny picture, I decided to collage four tiles into one larger piece. I painted a quarter of the sun in a corner of each tile so that all four tiles together would become one whole. I also bled over the edges so that I could leave space between each tile and still keep the flow of the picture.

Next, I incorporated the song lyrics by painting a verse on each tile. Once everything was dry, I sprayed the tiles with sealer.

I wanted to frame them in the same fashion as my Man of the Sea shell picture (displayed in an earlier post), so I chose a plain, square frame and set some metallic-flecked sky-blue fabric under the glass. Next, I used my glue gun to affix each tile on top of the glass. Even with all my measuring, it was a bit of a pain getting the tiles perfectlyyou are my sunshine copy straight because once they’re glue-gunned down, there’s no moving them. The bottom tiles are a smidgen crooked but this is where I fall back on my personal mission statement: “Nothing in life is perfect. Especially the stuff I create.” (Except for my daughter. She’s pretty darn close! 🙂

I think the finished product would look pretty nice in a baby’s room. (Excuse the glare on the glass. My photography skills need a lot of improvement.)

Speaking of babies, here’s a poem I wrote on a wintry night a few years ago:

The Snowstorm

Toasty little flannelled feet,
Tiptoe ‘cross the nursery rug,
Busy, dimpled starfish hands,
Give the drapery cords a tug.

The amber glow of streetlamp light,
Illuminates two widened eyes,
That dance, as icing-sugar spills
In silence, from the murky skies.

Cheeks a-bloom like scarlet roses,
Button nose pressed to the glass,
Watching God’s vanilla frosting,
As it spreads itself upon the grass.

A gleeful gasp of baby’s breath;
Behold the wondrous sight below!
God has closed his doors above,
And sprinkled stars atop the snow.

As the sun begins its rise above
The dips and peaks of whipping cream,
Nanny finds on the window seat,
Her charge, curled ‘round a winter dream.

More acrylic painting on ceramic tiles

Every so often, the painting bug bites and I have a need to play with my acrylic paints. Sometimes I paint on canvas, but I’ve discovered that it’s lots of fun to paint small pictures on plain white ceramic tiles. You can display them on tiny easels found at the buck store or at Michaels. I picked up a carton of tiles from Home Depot and I’m sure they’ll last longer than I will!

I featured three of my paintings on ceramic tile back on my first blog post in 2013. Here are another fourpainting_camp davidson.

painting_wild rose coasterpainting_girl with sunflowerspainting_baby cardinal


I love to paint!

I’ve been bitten by the painting bug, specifically tiny acrylic paintings on plain vanilla ceramic tiles. As with any crafty pursuit, the simple act of creating something beautiful drains the stress of the day from your bones and leaves you feeling relaxed and joyful.

Here are some of my latest samples:painting_cabin in the woodspainting_love u for heifer


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