Here’s to the bride and groom!

41.tent on propertyWe attended a beautiful wedding last weekend, with the reception held outdoors on the bride and groom’s gorgeous country property—a couple of acres of rolling lawns bordered by a meandering stream and surrounded by forest. It was so magical.

Participating in the joy of a wedding celebration amidst so much glorious nature brought to mind how similar marriage is to the quiet strength of the trees that towered all around

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago while thinking about my own marriage, but I’d also like to dedicate it to our newlywed friends, as well as all the brides and grooms out there who are about to begin their journey together.

The best of wishes to you all.

Tree Of Promise

Look to this tree as a symbol
of the strength of our past
and the promise of our future

with roots firmly planted
around our goals
and growth nourished
by our devotion.

Its trunk inches upward
to meet our hopes and dreams.tree pic
Though the path, at times, is rough
it perseveres in its growth
as it stretches toward the promise
of sunshine and blue skies.

Its branches may curve
in different directions,
each one unique in its design—
yet together
the single purpose they share
keeps them connected
always to the core.

See this tree
as all that we have built together
and all that is yet to come.


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