Repurpose your hoodie

Add a device pocket to your hoodie

I discovered another old cross-stitch project that I’d finished and tossed into a storage bin years ago, so I thought I’d put it to good use.

I turned it into a device pocket for my favourite hoodie, so now I can carry my Kobo eReader around in it… if I can ever go out again in the near future 🙂

Carrying around an eReader with a good book on it can be a blessing when you’re stuck in a lineup or sitting in a waiting room… which I hope to be doing again someday…

Well, I’ll be prepared just in case, anyway.


A Spoiled Cat Lives here!

I was picking through a bin of my unfinished craft projects the other day and discovered an old cross-stitch picture that I’d done years ago, of Sylvester the cartoon cat holding a frame with the caption “Spoiled cat lives here.”

Of course, with it being a perfect representation of my spoiled fur baby, Otis, I was compelled to frame it for display in my front porch.

I picked up an unpainted wood frame at the buck store and used acrylic paint in three of the colours picked up from the cross-stitch to decorate it. Then I painted some wood letters that spelled out “Otis,” and glued them to the bottom of the frame. Once I stretched the cross-stitch fabric over cardboard and set it in the frame, I had a perfect “warning” for any visitors daring to enter my home. 🙂

Of course, the only way I could paint the frame in peace without Otis trying to dip his paw into the paintbrush water dish was to give him a paintbrush of his own that he could roll around with on the floor. Did I mention that he’s spoiled rotten?

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