Refashion a boring t-shirt into a short-sleeved summer cardi. It’s easy!

tshirt_refashioned to cardi blue&green1This is a great alternative to throw on over a tank top in the summer. You can 1start the project this afternoon and wear it tomorrow. This is how.

Choose a plain t-shirt in your regular size (not larger) along with a meter of complementary patterned fabric (I always buy at least a meter of fabric since I’d rather have some fabric left over than not enough).

2Lay the t-shirt out flat with seams even. Measure across the front of the t-shirt from side to side to find the exact center point, and mark it with a line of dots.

Use scissors to cut open the front of the t-shirt along your dotted line (be sure you don’t cut through the back!). Then cut away the ribbed neckband.

3You’ll now have a plain tee in the rough shape of a cardigan.

From your patterned fabric, cut a 4-1/2” wide strip of fabric that’s long enough to fit around the the entire front opening, running from the left bottom corner, up around the neckline and to the right bottom corner. Hem both sides of the strip by ¼”. Then fold the strip in half lengthwise, and pin it around the edges of the front opening and neckline so4 that there’s a 2” border on both the right and wrong sides. Once it’s all pinned into place, stitch it into place with your sewing machine.

I also edged both sleeves, and made a small pocket for one side of the front. You can also incorporate buttons, ties, or hooks and eyes, but I just left mine open without any fastenings.
tshirt_refashioned to cardi blue&green2tshirt_refashioned to cardi blue&green3


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