1 scarf + 1 scarf = A breezy summer butterfly top!

I’ve seen a lot of different tops made from silk-type scarves on the Web, so I thought I’d try my hand at coming up with one of my own, which I’ve called my butterfly top.

To make it, you need to start with two rectangular scarves. I boughtIMG_6252 mine from a flea market stall. I liked the combination of earthy colours as well as the silky texture. Of course, since you’re working with finished scarves instead of pieces of raw fabric, the edges are already hemmed, which is a great start to any sewing project! The length of your top will depend on the length of your scarves. With long enough scarves, it would even be possible to make a cute dress, rather than a top.

I’ll attempt to explain how I made my butterfly top, and if you compare my instructions with the photos, the process should become clear. It’s really a very quick and simple project.


(1) Side by side.

(1) Spread both scarves out lengthwise on the floor, side by side.

(2) Find the middle, then place a pin at either side of the approximate area where you want to leave an opening for your neckline.


(2) Pinned together with middle space for neckline.

Take a moment to slip it on over your head (wrong side out) to see how it fits, then make any minor pin adjustments to ensure that the neckline is where you want it to be. Before you make your neckline adjustments, you want to make sure that both back and front hems line up evenly behind and in front of you. You also want to make sure that the V of the neckline is at a depth that you’re most comfortable with.


(3) Four holes reinforced with zigzag stitch.

Next, use your sewing machine to stitch the scarves together from the front bottom to the beginning of the front neckline, then from the back bottom to the beginning of the back neckline.

(3) At this point, it’s much like a poncho, but you want to go a step further and be able to belt it into a top. The way to do that is to create four belt holes, where you will run your belt/tie through from front to back.

To know where to place the holes, you need to put the “poncho” on again (wrong side out) so that the front and back hems are lined up evenly behind and in front of you. The holes will go at your waist, one at either side, both back and front. I used a Sharpie marker to mark a tiny dot at either front/side of my waist. Then I removed the poncho, laid it on the floor, and using a yardstick, marked the back holes with the same spacing between hem and holes as the ones I’d marked on the front.

top_scarf front


Next, I carefully made about a 1-1/2” slice at either hole (enough for a tie-belt to go through), and to prevent fraying, I reinforced the edges of each hole by running a zigzag stitch around them.

top_scarf back


I used a black satin tie as my “belt” and it’s as simple as that! It looks pretty great with a pair of white jeans.

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