Zoo Day!

Spent a lovely fall day at the Toronto Zoo yesterday with my grandbabies.

In front of the Toronto Zoo sign in the goat pen


Mother giraffe, along with her daughter and little son.
The grounds there are beautiful.
What is he thinking about?
Wouldn’t want to fall into this pen!
Ben and Charlotte
Beautiful male and two female lions
Breed of antelope
Check out the baboon sitting and watching the workmen!
Gorgeous zebras
Mother cheetah
Soft-shell turtle
Cute goats
A wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

A fall colour celebration

I wanted to capture Mother Nature’s glorious fall colours in a simple acrylic painting. To add some extra texture, I incorporated a side border of real dried leaves, then sprayed them with a gloss acrylic sealant.

“October gave a party … and the leaves came by the hundreds.”

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