Wait! Don’t throw out that tin can…

Turn it into something useful with a bit of paint and your imagination.
What was once an empty soup can on its way to the recycling bin is now a cute vase for my outdoor patio table.

Here’s what I did.

After washing out the can and soaking off the label, I spray painted it with a mint green acrylic, and allowed it to dry overnight. Then I used a pencil to roughly transfer the sketch below onto it.
Next, I selected the different colours of acrylic paint that I wanted to use—olive green and tan brown for the branches, yellow for the tiny leaves (I had forsythia in mind), two shades of purple for the flowers and a mustard gold for the flower center—then I got to work.

Once the paint dried, I sprayed it with a clear acrylic finish.

Voila! From tin can to simple transformation.



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