Make yourself a delicious ice-cream sundae with ZERO calories!

pincushion_icecream sundae vanilla copyToo good to be true? Not if it’s made of fabric. 🙂

Whether or not you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find that these sundaes are highly addictive!

They make great pincushions or pretend food for kids to play with.

You can make one in less than an hour. Here’s how:

Materialspincushion_icecream sundae chocolate copy

✔ a cupcake-size dish purchased at the local dollar store

✔ a 7” x 7” square of white (or other colour) fabric for the ice cream

✔ a 3” x 3” piece of brown felt for the chocolate sauce

✔ a small piece of white felt for the whipped cream

✔ a small piece of red felt for the cherry

✔ some seed beads for the “sprinkles” on the chocolate sauce

✔ some fiberfill stuffing

✔ matching thread; sewing needle; scissors

1. Starting with the ice-cream fabric square, trim the square into a circle as close to the size of the square as you can trim it. (See my step-by-step strawberry ice cream photos below.)

2. Thread a needle, knot the end, and run a straight basting stitch around the circle, about a ¼” from the edge. Pull the thread a bit so that the edges of the circle begin to gather, then stuff it with fiberfill while pulling the thread to close up the circle. Secure the closure and knot the thread. Now you have your ice-cream ball.

3. Next, take your brown felt (I just used a brown patterned fabric in my photo sample below, but felt is the easiest material to work with and turns out the best results) and cut out a curvy shape. Then use small straight stitches to sew it onto the top of your ice-cream ball.

4. Next, take your white felt, cut a small circle, then cut it into a bit of a spiral. Set it on top of the sauce, nudge it into a whipped cream shape and gently sew it down so that it doesn’t completely flatten out and there’s still some volume to it.

5. For the cherry, cut a small circle and stitch around it exactly as you did with the ice cream. Fill it with a tiny bit of fiberfill, close and secure it into a ball shape. Then nestle it in the center of the whipped cream and stitch it down.

If you want to decorate the sauce with seed bead sprinkles, just sew them on randomly.

Now, make as many flavours as you like and I guarantee that you won’t gain an ounce! 🙂

Step-by-step photos:
Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.54.01 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.54.07 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.54.13 AM


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