Need an easy way to transfer a design onto tracing paper when you don’t have a light table?

Here’s a fast and easy way to transfer any design onto tracing paper: it’s as easy as using your laptop computer screen (or even your iPad). I do own a compact little light table, but if I’m in a hurry, I just use my laptop screen. Here’s how:

1. Pull up the picture you want to trace on your screen, and enlarge it to the size you need.
2. Use masking tape to secure a sheet of tracing paper to your screen.
3. Use a pencil to trace the image onto the tracing paper.
4. Voila! You can turn any design into a template that you can use with applique, painting, or any other arts & crafts projects.
I used this cute image of three elves to refashion a plain white turtleneck top into a “Christmas Eve shirt.”
I simply used the pattern I traced as a template for cutting out small pieces of felt and fabric. Then I stitched everything into place on one large, sparkly piece of fabric. Then I used a basic blanket stitch to sew the entire piece onto the front of my turtleneck top.


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