Now, wouldn’t Miss Piggy just adore this hat?

I love all the animal-themed children’s hats I see on the Web these days. They’re not only fun to make, I’m sure any kid will tell you that they’re also fun to wear.

I fell in love with the Piggy Hat crochet pattern at and so I made one. But I did change it up a little by using plain pink worsted weight yarn, and edging it in a simple single crochet stitch instead of using the recommended crab stitch. I also added a pink ribbon to each ear to make it clear that she’s a little girl piggy!
baby_hat piggy copy

I had so much fun making the piggy hat that I ended up making a bunch of different hats for the children of my nieces and nephews. I handed them out at the family picnic and you can see pictures below of everyone wearing their hats.

Check out my favourite site, ALLFREECROCHET at to discover loads of patterns for some adorable animal hats!
brady in owl hat group shot 2nd cousinsbrooklyn in chick hat

brooklyn spencer weston


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