Conversation with the cat

oats chillin2 copy“MEOW-ZA, all you cool cats—So what’s twitchin’ (aside from your tail)?


My human just went out the door—which means who knows when she’ll be back? So I’m hijacking her BIG tap-tap-tap-tap machine so I can post the gorgeous selfies I took last time she left her LITTLE tap-tap-tap-tap machine unattended.oats the beauty copy


Just go ahead and treat your eyes to this vision of lusciousness. Am I a great-looking dude, or what? I mean…it’s kinda hard to be modest when you look like moi!


Uh oh…hang on a sec…I hear something… She’s back! oats looks up copyGotta scat! Can’t let her know that I can do a lot more than just roll over for tummy rubs—next thing, I’d be having to fill my own bowl and clean my own litter box. After all, I am king of this castle (sniff and head toss).


Until next time… Meowtta here!”

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