SO EASY Sweatshirt Refashion

Want to try a fun project? Dig out an old sweatshirt that you have no intention of ever wearing again, and recycle it into a top that’s actually quite cute.

Here’s how.

Carefully cut away the ribbing around the neckline, at the end of each sleeve and around the bottom. 

Then, working on the wrong side, fold in a ¼” hem at each place and secure with pins.

Using either a sewing machine or hand stitching, straight stitch around each hem.

Once hemmed with the straight stitch, I sometimes use my sewing machine to do a zigzag stitch around the edges to double-secure the hem.

Once the neckline, sleeves and bottom have been hemmed, you can use any trim you like to embellish the edges.

Some ideas: lace or fabric trims from your local fabric store; coloured beads or sequins; bits of tiny fabric patches in a “quilt-look” design.

I decided to crochet a border using lace-weight yarn and double-crochet stitches combined with loops. Once I finished crocheting the right length of border for each area, I sewed tiny pearl beads onto each loop for the sleeve and neck borders. 

For the bottom border, I crocheted extra-long loops to along the border edge to create a tassel-like look, and sewed larger pearl beads at the top of each tassel.

Voila! From old sweatshirt to pretty nice top!


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