Recycle your blue jeans with an easy patch job

Big hole in your favourite pair of jeans? At my age, I’m not into the ripped, grunge look. I’d rather patch it up with a pretty piece of fabric.

It’s easy.

Just choose a fabric pattern that you like and use pinking shears to cut a square that’s big enough to cover the hole. I used pinking shears instead of regular scissors so that the fabric won’t fray. You could stitch a ¼” hem around the square to prevent fraying, but I’m too lazy to bother with that, thus the pinking shears.
Next, I pinned the square into place with straight pins.

Then I did a fine straight stitch around to secure them to the jeans.

For a bit of decoration and added security, I then sewed around the edges with a blanket stitch.

Voila! A new pair of jeans.
And, as always, here’s my supervisor and his baby, watching over me as I work.


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