Symmetry in motion

Did you know that this December 13th is the last day in this entire century with a consecutive pattern (12/13/14)?

Does it mean anything? Who really knows? I’m sure the 13th will be somebody’s lucky day. And it will be a day filled with nightmares for somebody else.

For the majority of us, I’m sure it will come to pass as just another day.

060When the universe offers up a strange and perfect order such as 12/13/14 (or like the peculiar but perfect rainbow that circled the sun as I stood on a beach in Curacao), I’m reminded of the myriad questions that drift above us all the time like clouds, the answers just as far out of reach.


Why are we here?

Let’s pause what we’re in the middle of doing
and go stand before the nearest window.

Look out. Take in everything around us—
The rain, the snow, the wind, the sun, the expanse of the sky,
All that was made by man,
And all that wasn’t.

Everything we see is a little piece of who we are. Imagine that.

And right here. Right now. Today—
We are exactly where we are meant to be.

You and I, we’re essential puzzle pieces
among seven-billion others. And counting.

Every piece is a fundamental part
of an ever-evolving picture that is our truth.

059We exist for the simplest
and for the most complicated of reasons—
We are links that fit together to create
a perfect puzzle: Life.

Feeling special?
You should.
Because we are. All of us.


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