Meet Lavender Teddy! (And a dead princess)

My inner child was crying out for a new toy, so I decided to crochet a teddy bear. I used the sweet P.J. Teddy pattern by Stephanie at All About Ami. You’ll find the free pattern at this link: 

I wanted a larger toy, so I used a 4.50 hook. Results were approx. 9 inches tall.

I also just used cheapie cotton yarn: a ball of lavender and a ball of variegated cream with bits of lavender, turquoise, and pink in it.

For the face details, I gathered a bit of lavender, black, and white felt; a bit of black floss for stitching the mouth detail; some lavender thread for sewing on the felt parts; a bit of ribbon to adorn the top of her head; and four tiny heart-shaped buttons for the tummy.

Below are some photos in case you want to try making your own.

violet bear1violet bear2










violet bear3











Cute isn’t she?

Her rounded tummy reminded me of a poem a wrote a few years ago about the dangers of carbs (tongue in cheek):

An Ode To Bread

Once upon a time,
There lived a princess in distress,
Her amply padded body
Couldn’t fit a single dress.

No matter how the seams were stitched,
The straining threads would burst,
The tailor’s ears blushed crimson
While the princess shrieked and cursed.

She’d wander ‘round the castle,
Emitting moo-like moans,
Swathed in velvet draperies
And spitting chicken bones.

No matter how she struggled,
No matter how she tried,
Her tummy always triumphed,
Whether baked or boiled or fried.

One fine day, she noticed,
As she passed the pantry door,
A freshly baked assortment
Of cakes and breads galore!

With eyes as wide as pie pans,
She quickly tiptoed in,
Saliva dribbled o’er her chin,
Her taste buds were a-spin.

She gulped and gorged and gobbled,
And as she wolfed a loaf of bread,
It caught within her windpipe.
She choked till she was dead.

The moral of this verse is:
If fresh-baked bread’s your vice,
It’s wise to just avoid it,
Unless the damn thing’s sliced!



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