Crochet yourself the best sun hat ever!

In my quest to put off looking like an apple doll for as long as is possible, I always wear a brimmed hat (along with sunblock) when I’m out in the sun.

hat_floppy brim cream & brown1bA couple of years ago, I made my first attempt at crocheting a brimmed hat and it turned out to be the best hat I’ve ever owned—better than any hat I’ve ever purchased! I’m about to wear it for my third summer and it doesn’t look any worse for wear. It does a fantastic job of keeping the sun off my face.

To find the pattern (free!), I first visited my favourite site which led me to this printable PDF pattern:

hat_floppy brim cream & brown1aThe instructions were very easy to follow, even for a beginner. I used a worsted-weight cream yarn and edged it with a brown worsted. I also crocheted a few matching flowers just to fancy it up a bit.

Once the hat was completed, the brim was floppy, so here’s how I stiffened it: I purchased a plain straw hat with a brim a bit narrower than my crocheted hat for just a buck at my local dollar store. Then I fit it into my crocheted hat and hand-stitched them together. The straw hat not only adds the stiff support that the crocheted hat needs, it also doubles up on helping to block the UV rays that I want to keep away from my skin.

hat_floppy brim cream & brown1cI thought that this cream colour would be difficult to keep clean, but it wears extremely well and still looks as new as the day I made it. I wear it out on my boat every weekend in the summer, as well as out and about in the yard and I take it with me on vacations down south, so it gets a lot of wear!

Try making one. I guarantee you’ll be impressed.


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