You never know what you’ll find in the trash…

Paul & I went for a walk at a nearby conservation park this evening, and as we passed a garbage can, we spotted this little fellow looking up at us amidst the trash!

We assumed he had fallen in there and couldn’t get out, so we tipped the can on its side and he ran out, stopping in the distance by a tree. He sat and watched us as we walked to a nearby park bench and sat down. Then after shooting us what appeared to be a dirty look, he hightailed it right back to the garbage can and climbed back inside. Paul went over and dropped in his KFC macaroni salad as consolation for having mistakenly disturbed him. LOL!

(We returned to take one last peek on our way out of the park. He’d eaten every bite of the macaroni salad and was working on what looked like a sandwich bun.)


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