Crochet a Shimmer Poncho


The poncho consists of a crocheted rectangle, folded in half lengthwise, then seamed together along the upper side, leaving an 11” space that creates the neck opening. I finished the neckline with one row of sc around, and added fringe along both open sides.


Loops & Threads Shimmer Shawl yarn cake, Pink N Black (962 yds/10.58 oz./880 m/300 g.) (You can make this with any similar cake yarn.)

5.5 mm hook / Rectangle size 57” wide x 17.5” deep / Fits most adults


Row 1: sc in second ch from hook and in each across; turn (210 sc)

Row 2: ch 2 (counts as first hdc); hdc in next space and in each space across; turn (210 hdc)

Row 3: ch 1 (does not count as a stitch); sc in same space and in each across; turn.

Row 4: ch 3 (counts as hdc + ch 1); skip next space; *hdc in next space; ch 1; skip next space; repeat from * across to last 2 spaces; hdc in last 2 spaces; turn.

Row 5: ch 1; sc in each of first 2 hdc; sc in ch-1 space; sc in each hdc and ch-1 sp across; turn. (row of sc)

Row 6: repeat Row 2 (row of hdc)

Row 7: repeat Row 5 (row of sc)

Row 8: repeat Row 2 (row of hdc)

Row 9: repeat Row 5 (row of sc)

Row 10: repeat Row 4 (row of hdc+ch-1)

Row 11: repeat Row 5 (row of sc)

Row 12+: repeat Row 6-Row 11 for pattern, until you reach your desired length. Mine measured 17.5” deep, and I ended up with eight hdc+ch-1 rows (Row 4). To make your poncho longer, just keep repeating pattern rows. End your rectangle on a Row 10.


Fold rectangle in half lengthwise and, working on the wrong side, seam as shown in the drawing below.

Working on the right side, sc one row around neckline space to finish.

FRINGE: Cut 10” lengths of yarn, fold each in half and pull through each ch-1 space along bottom edge. Also add fringe in spaces along both side edges, spacing them as evenly as possible. (See photos below.)


Cutie patootie baby booties

When I’m in the middle of a large crochet project that I’m getting bored baby_booties kimono1with but do want to finish eventually, I’ll take a break away to play with an easy side project that I know will give me quick results.

Baby booties are that kind of project.

These were beyond easy, and I’ve provided the free pattern link below, compliments of Eftychia and her Happiness Crafty blog:

baby_booties kimono2Make some to donate to a children’s charity or to have on hand for shower gifts.

Or just because they’re so damn cute. 🙂

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