The most divine gift

My twin grandchildren, Benjamin and Charlotte, will be celebrating their first birthday soon. So lately, I’ve been wondering what I’d like to get for them.

The other day, I went out to run a quick errand. When I was finished and ready to return home, I had a strong feeling that I needed to stop at the Walmart that I would be passing by, even though there was nothing else that I needed.

As I walked through the front doors, the first thing I saw was a display set up with a pile of end-of-season toys on it.

I stopped in my tracks: there on the middle shelf facing me was one lone box containing a pair of twin dolls—that particular shelf was bare of any other toys, and the dolls really had no connection to the rest of the summer yard toys spread around on the other shelves of the display rack. It was as though someone had set the dolls there to personally greet me.

I laughed aloud as I picked up the box. Appropriately enough, one was a boy, the other a girl. 

But what really captured me was the boy doll’s open-mouthed grin—so similar to Ben’s, and the girl doll’s more serious expression, so like Charlotte’s. And that’s not all—the boy doll’s bright blue eyes are a match to Ben’s, and the girl doll’s hazel eyes are a match to Charlotte’s. Now, what are the chances?

Could it be that those dolls were meant to make their way to my dear twin grandbabies? I think so. 

I just couldn’t wipe the grin off my face as I cradled my divine find in the checkout line.


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