Crocheted Chocolate Tweed Sweater

This is one of the easiest sweater patterns I’ve ever attempted. And I’m beyond pleased with the finished results—this sweater fits like a glove. 

The sweater is created using a basic V-stitch. You crochet the back panel first, then the two front panels, seam everything together, add the sleeves, then add the cuffs and a border. I followed the given pattern to make the back and front panels and the sleeves, but I just made up my own simple sc in BLO border around the sweater and for the cuffs. 

I used 2-1/2 skeins of Bernat Premium Tweeds (each 360yds/379m/7oz/198g) in Chocolate Tweed. It’s a super nice yarn to work with and is a good weight for a sweater.

I like this sweater so much, I’ll definitely be making another one in a different colour.

You can find the free pattern at, with many thanks to Wilma at Wilmade.



Sunset Shawlette

I discovered a Loops & Threads yarn called Facets—the striking variegated colours really caught my eye. I used it to make a shawlette from a lovely pattern I found on All Free Crochet  ( designed by Carmen Heffernan (you can look her up at:, but I tweaked it a bit, as described below.

I used 2 balls of Facets (279 yds/256 m each), and a 5 mm crochet hook.

For the edging, I switched to a 6 mm hook, and used Loops & Threads Woolike yarn: a bit of Pumpkin Spice (A), and a bit of Golden Yellow (B). To make a larger shawl, simply continue crocheting rows until you reach your desired size.

Here is the edging pattern I used: 
Once shawlette is complete, use 6 mm hook to attach yarn A in the right corner of the bottom edge.

R1: Sc in each sp across, until you reach the mid-point ch-2 sp, [sc, ch 1, sc] in the ch-2 sp, and continue with sc in each sp until you reach the opposite end corner, turn.

R2: ch 1, sc in first sc, *ch 6, sk next 6 sc, sc in next sc, rep from * to mid-point, [sc, ch 1, sc] in ch-1 mid-point sp, continue * across to end, turn. Fasten off A, attach B.

Repeat R2 using B. At the end, fasten off B and attach A. Repeat R2 using A, to complete one last row. Fasten off and weave in end. Block shawl to enhance shape.

Don’t throw out your old CDs…

Repurpose them by painting colourful mandala designs on them!

I used acrylic paint and dotting tools and painted one per afternoon. Talk about a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours!

There are tons of pattern ideas on the Web for inspiration, or just use your imagination.

I mounted them on a fabric background, but it was a bit of a pain,
so I think I’ll try just painting the background next time.

I placed a clear, crystal stone in the center of each CD, but I’ll definitely be experimenting
with other ideas in the future.

My most recent makes + a free pattern!

I LOVE the craft of crochet. It’s easy once you’ve mastered the basic stitches. It’s portable, so you can take it anywhere. It’s inexpensive–there’s always a sale on yarn somewhere. It’s a truly relaxing pastime, as are most arts and crafts. And there are endless pattern ideas to engage in. I love it!

Here are some photos of my most recent makes over the past winter months. I’ll also include a pattern for my pocket scarf at the end.

MAKE #1: I felt like making a “straw bag” to tote around this summer. I picked up a couple of rolls of cheap jute string from the Buck store, got out my hook, and started crocheting simple sc stitches around and around. Also had some jute ribbon that I sewed around the top and tied into a bow. Then added some purse handles that I’d picked up at Fabricland a while back and had in my supply cupboard. On the back of the bag, I added an extra pocket that I’d embroidered with a ribbon flower. Voila…a durable straw bag.

MAKE #2: I had a ball of brightly coloured yarn in my stash that kept drawing my eye, so I decided to make a triangle scarf with it. It’s much prettier in person than in the photo and reminds me of a Caribbean sunset.

MAKE #3: Felt like doing something super-easy one evening in front of the TV, so I worked on this infinity scarf. The black section folds in half to make a collar, and the colourful variegated bobble stitches provide some texture. Looks great tucked into a black coat.

MAKE #4: I saw a simple pattern for a striped hat on the Web, so I chose a bunch of different colours to pair with white for this slouchy hat. It’s basically a simple rectangle crocheted with row after row of colour alternated with white… then either end seamed together… then the top end gathered closed. A pom pom is optional…I just preferred to leave it as is.

MAKE #5: I love pocket scarves. The pockets are so handy for carrying your phone or any other necessities when going for a walk or running errands, instead of having to bring a purse along with you. This is a very easy scarf to make. You can use your preferred colors in your choice of any worsted yarn. I’ve provided the pattern right below the image.

Three-Color Pocket Scarf
8” x 67” / 3 balls of any worsted yarn (157 yds each): A-1 ball navy, B-1 ball cream, C-1 ball blue/green variegated / 6 mm hook / Vst: (sc, ch 2, sc) in sp / Terminology: sc-single crochet; ch-chain; st-stitch; sk-skip; rep-repeat 

With yarn A, ch 36 (or any multiple of 3).

Row 1: sc in second ch from hook, sk next ch, *(sc, ch 2, sc) in next ch, sk next 2 chs, rep from * to last 2 chs, sk next ch, sc in last ch, turn.

Row 2: ch 1 (does not count as a st), sc in first sc, *(sc, ch 2, sc) in next ch-2 sp, rep from *, sc in last st, turn.

Rep Row 2 until piece is approx. 23” long. Fasten off yarn A, attach Yarn B

Rep Row 2 until piece is approx. 21” long. Fasten off yarn B, attach Yarn C.

Rep Row 2 until piece is approx. 23” long. Fasten off. Weave in end.

Optional: Can add fringe or tassels to either end if you like.

Pockets: Make one pocket with yarn A, and another one with yarn C.

Ch 21, and follow same pattern as above for scarf. Crochet enough rows to measure 5.5” long.

Make each pocket approx. 5.5” W x 5.5” L and position as shown in photo, then whipstitch around edges to attach to scarf.

Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Otis knows how to do it right.

Crocheters … Don’t throw out those old cassette tapes!

If you can crochet, you can make one-of-a-kind, waterproof coasters.

Just crack open the cassette case, remove the spool of film, and start crocheting.

Here’s the simple pattern I used:

Materials: 6 mm hook, scissors, stitch marker, yarn needle

Terminology: ch = chain; sc = single crochet; dc = double crochet; sl st = slip stitch; st = stitch; pm = place marker; rep = repeat; sp = space; sk = skip 


Make a ring: ch 4 and sl st in first ch to join.

Round 1: ch 1 (does not count as a st), sc 9 times in ring (pm in first sc), sl st in first sc to join. (9 sc)

Round 2: ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around (pm in first sc), sl st in first sc to join. (18 sc)

Round 3: ch 1, 2 sc in first sc (pm in first sc), 1 sc in next sc, *(2 sc in next sc, 1 sc in next sc), rep from * around, sl st in first sc to join. (27 sc)

Round 4: ch 2, 4 dc in same sp, ch 1, sk next 4 scs, 5 dc in next sc, ch 1, *skip 4 scs, 5 dc in next sc, ch 1; rep from * around, sk last 4 scs and sl st in top of beginning ch 2. Fasten off and use yarn needle to weave in loose end.

Merry Christmas to all!

Funniest Christmas songs EVER!

Who doesn’t need a good laugh during this crazed season? Don’t be sipping any eggnog while you’re listening to these, or you’ll be spraying it all over the floor.

(1) When you’ve been bad as all get out throughout year, there’s a good chance you’ll get “Nuttin’ for Christmas“:

(2) You’re anticipating what’s inside that gift… you open it, and… UGH!… better put on your “Present Face“:

(3) The Dropkick Murphys nailed the truth about large family gatherings with “The Season’s Upon Us“:

(4) Tenacious D vs Sum 41 stokes our inner rock diva with “Things I Want“:

(5) Who doesn’t remember the great Adam Sandler on Saturday Night Live, with his shout out to “Hanukkah“?:

(6) An oldie but goodie… Spike Jone & his city slickers will crack you up with “All I want for Christmas (is my two front teeth):

(7) Dust off your mullet wig for Jeff Foxworthy’s “Redneck 12 Days of Christmas“:

(8) A gift you never want to get: “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake” by the Irish Rovers:


Cat lifestyles of the 21st century

One of Otis’s favourite activities? Watching “Cat TV” on my computer.

I’ve bookmarked a couple of videos made for entertaining cats and dogs–videos that feature birds and squirrels, as well as cats playing with toys–and he will sit and watch for at least 20-30 minutes at a time.

Cats sure have come a long way from chasing mice in the farmyard. If, one of these days, he starts typing on the keyboard, I’ll truly be impressed. 🙂

Zoo Day!

Spent a lovely fall day at the Toronto Zoo yesterday with my grandbabies.

In front of the Toronto Zoo sign in the goat pen


Mother giraffe, along with her daughter and little son.
The grounds there are beautiful.
What is he thinking about?
Wouldn’t want to fall into this pen!
Ben and Charlotte
Beautiful male and two female lions
Breed of antelope
Check out the baboon sitting and watching the workmen!
Gorgeous zebras
Mother cheetah
Soft-shell turtle
Cute goats
A wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

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